A Bridge To The Past (profile)

A bridge to the past November 06- Archie Thompson learned the Yurok language as a boy living on his grandmother's ranch.

"She didn't speak English, and I used to make fun of her all the time, but that's how I learned. She spoke to me every day,"
Thompson said. "I learned (Yurok) as I went along. She'd teach me as I went." Full story at: 

Native Doctor (education/profile)

Kishan Lara, PhD in education First in her tribe to earn a doctorate.  Having grown up in a Native American community where “research” was a dirty word, Kishan Lara had seen the plundering of her ancestors’ burial sites and the insensitive probing by researchers, archaeologists and university students. She was the last person who expected to study her own people, the Hupa/Yurok tribes of northern California.

Full Story At: http://asunews.asu.edu/20090515_Profile_Lara