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Native Languages Preservation Act (action request)


Support the Native Languages Preservation Act

The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is urging support for reauthorization of the Esther Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act. The act funds programs that support and strengthen Native American language-immersion programs – including language nests, survival schools and restoration programs.  

The act was named after Esther Martinez, a 94-year-old teacher and storyteller who was devoted to preserving the Tewa language.  The act was signed into law by President George W. Bush in December 2006, and it expired in fiscal year 2012.

On September 15, 2012, members of the New Mexico congressional delegation introduced legislation, S3546, to extend the program for another five years. Your support is needed to get the bill passed.

“Preserving our Native languages is critical to the survival of our cultures. At the same time, a growing body of research concludes that bilingualism improves a child's cognitive development,” said NIEA President Dr. Heather Shotton.

Take Action Now!

Call Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chairman Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, at (202) 224-2251 today, and urge him to use the "clearance process” for a quick passage of the legislation.

In your message, tell Sen. Akaka that:
  • The Esther Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act strengthens tribal language, culture and identity.
  • The survival of American Indian and Alaska Native languages is essential to the success of tribal communities and Native ways of life.
  • The Esther Martinez Native American Languages Act provides tribes with critical support to establish and maintain immersion programs that revitalize Native languages.

Violence Against Native Women Act (politics/action request)

Thanks to Harvest at NCA for highlighting this:

The purpose of H.R. 6625: Violence Against Indian Women Act of 2012 is to grant Indian tribes jurisdiction over crimes of domestic violence that occur in the Indian country of that tribe.

This bill is predicted to have only 5% chance of getting past committee,and a 3% chance of being enacted.

You can help improve its chances by getting involved.

Read the full text of the bill here:

Use this link to tell your congress people how you feel. Begin by clicking "log in" in near the top right of the page, then you can click on your favorite social networking icon to log in with that account.

Whether you click support or oppose, and any comments you add will be sent directly to your representatives!

Thanks for participating in democracy.
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Sample Letter (Please Personalize)

A community group is lobbying to reinstate the banned mascot.--THIS ITEM ON THE SCHOOL BOARD AGENDA FOR SEPTEMBER 13, 2012.  
If you would like to contact the District Superintendent and school board please see below:

Del Norte County Unified School District
301 West Washington Blvd. 
Crescent City, CA 95531

Don Olson
County and District Superintendent
(707) 464-0200

Frances Costello, Board President 

Jim Maready, Vice President/Clerk

Don McArthur, Board Member

Lori Cowan, Board Member

Jennifer England, Board Member 

The issue is before the School Board at their September 15 meeting.  Please write them to share your opinion on the mascot issue.

Sample Letter Attached 

(Please insert your own wording and feelings or experiences you or your children have had with either racism or negative impacts of the Mascot as this makes a MUCH more powerful statement rather than just signing the sample and sending it in).

Sacred Site (action request)

Petition Letter, Chumash Wind Caves - Husahkiw.  

Husahkiw’s Wind Caves houses a rare and magnificent auditory and geographical features, multi-pigment rock paintings, sacred springs and ceremonial sites held in sacred regard by Chumash peoples, past and present. The gun club activity is inconsistent with Cultural Traditional Properties and Forest Service visitor activity. We are under constant gunfire and the lead, arsenic, copper and other chemicals have turned this mountain into an industrial contamination site.