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As a collection of general Americana, the Newberry’s Edward E. Ayer Collection is one of the best in the country and one of the strongest collections on American Indians in the world.

In 1911, Edward E. Ayer (1841-1927) donated more than 17,000 pieces on the early contacts between American Indians and Europeans. Ayer, a member of the first Board of Trustees, was the first donor of a great collection to the Newberry. Since then, the Ayer endowment fund has enabled the library to collect in excess of 130,000 volumes, over 1 million manuscript pages, 2,000 maps, 500 atlases, 11,000 photographs, and 3,500 drawings and paintings on the subject.

The D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies enacts programming, including fellowships and seminars, that allows participants to draw from the Newberry’s collections in their research. 

The Ayer Collection is rich in printed and manuscript accounts of the discovery, exploration, and settlement of the Americas. While the nucleus of the Ayer Collection consists of an extensive body of literature that concerns the American Indian directly, there are five main subject areas within Ayer:

Newberry librarians and interns have compiled Research Guides containing bibliographies, checklists, and other resources helpful in directing research in certain subjects at the Newberry; a few closely related collection descriptions are Latin American HistoryPortuguese and Brazilian HistoryPhilippine History, and French in the Americas.  All the research guides relating to American Indian and Indigenous Studies are found below; relevant digital collections, such as theAyer Art Digital CollectionGreat Lakes Digital Collection, and North American Indian Photographs Collection, are also found at the bottom of this page.

Ayer Collection acquisitions are listed in the Newberry’s Online Catalog and in WorldCat. In addition, Ayer Collection acquisitions to 1978 are described in the Dictionary Catalog of the Edward E. Ayer Collection of Americana and American Indians (21 volumes, 1961-1980).  Please call the reference desk at (312) 255-3506 with questions on our holdings, or Contact a Librarianwith research questions.

Read about the modest beginnings of this great collection in Edward E. Ayer’s “How I Bought My First Book”

The Birth of a Database (education/resource)

... Our relationship with Chicago’s Newberry Library began in 2006 when we were developing the American West resource. We have spent the last few years evolving a new collection called American Indian Histories and Cultures, centering on the Newberry’s renowned Edward E. Ayer collection, one of the world’s strongest resources available on American Indian history. 

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RezHeadz (resource/education)





Award winning motivational speaker and recording artist, "Smoke" announced that this year marks the 6th year RezHeadz Entertainment has provided Native American schools, organizations and communities top of the line motivational and educational entertainment services!


We provide something special! It is our goal to address the issues the people are facing and deliver a realistic "Rezolution" to our audience. The possibilities are limitless, says Smoke!


We have presented at hundreds of schools, conferences, community events and casinos! We love what we do, we love making a difference and guarantee an amazing event packed full of motivation, inspiration and educational entertainment!





We here at RezHeadz are proud to announce the unveiling of several new keynote topics, team building exercises,

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Our presentations are suitable and age appropriate for youth and adults alike.


Perfect for: elementary,

middle, high school, college, staff trainging,

community events, Pow Wows, conferences, retreats, and summits. You name it we'll be a guaranteed crowd favorite!






"Jason "Smoke" is a wonderful motivational speaker! Not only can he connect to the adult audience but also the young adults as well. I had the pleasure of hearing his speech about bullying prevention. This had me and my colleagues sucked in from beginning to end with the personal stories that he included.


It was also very nice to see the young men look up to him and really listen and appreciate what he had to say.


Because of his awesome work I am working at bringing him to my community so that everyone else may admire his hard work and dedication to the Native community.

-Tiffany Chavez Big Pine Ca.




Dear readers,

We often receive requests for our pricing guide. Unfortunately we cannot readily make a pricing guide available as every request is different.


We offer so many packages and can provide multiple presenters, so of course pricing is unique to each event.


As a touring group we have core members who have developed their own unique 


As a team, we are able to work with the "booking party" to develop an agenda that meets the direct needs of the participating organization.


We have made our services available on this newsletter and of course on our website. After a date is chosen for the engagement, we can create the agenda, and as usual we will do our best to work with any budget.













In the past 6 years, the "RezHeadz Team" has created numerous programs and presentations that can relate to anyone, in any situation and suitable for any age group (Teachers and Staff included). It is through our presentations, workshops, and team building exercises the youth can express, share, and work together to address the issues they may be facing.


Our message has unlimited possibilities! Our presentations can address everything from Bullying, Gang Awareness, Teen Pregnancy, Suicide Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Higher Education, Goal Setting Techniques, Team Building for Youth or Adults, and Bonding to School, you name it we can bring it!


The 2013 "Back to School Tour" is an AMAZING idea for any community or school looking for a little motivation. In the past 5 years we have presented at more than 700 events, including the following:


The University of Houston, Haskell Indian College, United Tribes Technical College, National Unity Conference, West Coast American Indian Music Awards, Hundreds of Tribal Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, and we have even presented for congress in Washington DC.


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Programs & Presentations:


Keynote Speaking:

Each Presenter has an inspiring personal story of perseverance, and dedication.



Topics Covered:

Leadership, Bullying, Suicide, Identity, Teen Pregnancy, Teen Diabetes, The Importance of Education, The 8 Great Steps to Personal Success, Entrepeneurship,Wellness, Cultural Values, Peer Pressure, Decision Making Skills, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, and Gang Awareness.



Bullying Prevention:
Smoke and the staff here at RezHeadz have created some amazing new programs designed to combat the epidemic of Bullying in any variation. These programs have been introduced to schools across the United States and have proven to generate amazing results!



Teen Pregnancy:
This educational presentation inspires on a profound level, and ignites much needed compassion amongst our young people; all the while addressing personal responsibility and respect in BOTH youth and adults.


T.E.A.M. Building:

Together Everyone Accomplishes More!



Group Exercises and Icebreakers.



Staff Traing:
Implementing effective behavioral interventions requires that all those involved in the intervention are thoroughly knowledgeable about and competent in the use of specific intervention techniques.


The Lyrical Healing Workshop:
This creative writing program was specifically created as an outlet for bottled up emotion. Once you release this energy the healing process can begin.



The Leader Within” Workshop:
We focus on several key aspects pertaining to the leader within. Creating your vision, taking charge, knowing your strengths and taking the initiative.


The Art of Entrepreneurship:

Economic Developement is understanding the core steps that are required to launch successful business ventures. These steps include: spotting, assessing, selecting and executing upon opportunities.



Suicide Prevention:
Identifying the signs, Loneliness, Helplessness, Guilt, and Depression. How to take action and provide intervention.



Gang Prevention:
The program’s goals are the prevention of gang activity in Native communities and schools through personal testimony.



D.J. Services: School Dances/ Events

Live Musical Performance






For more information or for questions about availability please call:

Jason "Smoke"  Nichols

RezHeadz Ent.






Please visit us online @




California Indian Day (education/resources)

The 4th Friday of September is California Native American Day. Third and fourth grade classes in California study local and state Indians. Native American Day is a great opportunity to bring elders and other representatives of local tribes to the classroom to share traditional stories and culture as well as information about current issues and concerns of native peoples. Here are web resources appropriate for students to learn about California Indians, their history and culture.
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·André Cramblit, Operations Director
Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) (
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The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (resource)

Our mission: Dedicated to restoring safety to Native women by upholding the sovereignty of Indian and Alaska Native tribes.

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Inc. (NIWRC) is a Native nonprofit organization that was created specifically to serve as the National Indian Resource Center (NIRC) Addressing Domestic Violence and Safety for Indian Women. Under this grant project and in compliance with statutory requirements, the NIWRC will seek to enhance the capacity of American Indian and Alaska Native (Native) tribes, Native Hawaiians, and Tribal and Native Hawaiian organizations to respond to domestic violence.

The NIWRC, through its Board of Directors and staff, have the demonstrated and unique expertise to serve as the next National Indian Resource Center. Our Board consists of Native women from throughout the United States with extensive experience and commitment to providing technical assistance/training and resource information regarding violence committed against Native women and their children. This leadership will ensure that our work supports and upholds grassroots advocacy and policy development work to address these crimes. Further, the NIWRC’s staff brings decades of expertise, regarding violence against Native women, each of us having worked in various capacities to build a strong grassroots movement to increase the response within tribes to domestic violence and safety for Indian.

The NIWRC is dedicated to reclaiming the sovereignty of Native nations and safeguarding Native women and their children. Through public awareness and resource development, training and technical assistance, policy development, and research activities, we will provide leadership across the Nation to show that offenders can and will be held accountable and that Native women and their children are entitled to: 1) safety from violence within their homes and in their community; 2) justice both on and off tribal lands; and 3) access to services designed by and for Native women based on their tribal beliefs and practices.