Tweet For Cash (opportunity)

National scholarship program turns to social media for its application process
High school seniors trawling the internet for college scholarship programs might want to bone up on their tweeting skills: Louisville, Ky.-based KFC is offering a $20,000 scholarship for a single tweet. With a character limit of 140, that’s $142 per character for the winner. Applicants must use their brief statement to say why they are deserving of the Colonel’s Scholars scholarship program. Tweets must include the hashtag “KFCScholar,” and only high school seniors may apply.

KFC Scholars Website

Kúmateech /Later
André Cramblit, Operations Director
Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) 
) 707.445.8451

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SMASH (opportunity)

SMASH (Summer Math and Science Honors) offers a 5-week summer intensive academic program in science and math for exactly the kind of students AVID serves. The academy will be held at Stanford and at Cal this summer. It is FREE! (long story: basically, its funded by the computer guy who invented lotus software and Firefox)

The program at Cal has been going on for about seven years; the Stanford program is new. SMASH is looking for about 120 students for the summer. 

SMASH is looking for students (mostly current eighth graders, but also about 20-25 current ninth and tenth graders) who are what AVID calls underserved and who have a true interest in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields. 

A staff of about six, covering the entire Bay region are ready to present at site coordinator meetings, AVID classrooms, wherever we will have them.
Please see attached flyers!

Gary Williams
Region IV AVID
Contra Costa COE
(925) 942.5349 work
(707) 707.331.0030 cell
((925) 938.6317 FAX

Marissa Oka 
Region IV AVID Program
Contra Costa County Office of Education
77 Santa Barbara Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Phone:      925-942-5395
Fax:          925-938-6317 
Web Page:

Kúmateech /Later
André Cramblit, Operations Director
Northern California Indian Development Council (NCIDC) 
( 707.445.8451

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NWYIA Essay Contest (opportunity)

2010 Native Women & Youth in Ag Annual Writing Competition

Sponsored By: USDA Risk Management, USDA Office of the Secretary-Tribal Relations, Intertribal Agriculture Council and President Richard Bowers- Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

ESSAY TOPIC: "Do Your Reservation Farmers & Ranchers Feed You?"

(What food items are grown/produced on your reservation? Are those items sold on your reservation? What are the advantages & disadvantages of buying food locally?)

Who Is Eligible? Young Native American Women & Men who will be entering grades 9-12 in the Fall of 2010. Graduates of May-August 2010 are also eligible to enter. Must be a member of a Federally Recognized Tribe.

Winners & Prizes: Three (3) finalists will be announced the second week of November 2010 & provided an all-expense paid trip (including one (1) chaperone) to the 2010 Intertribal Agriculture Council & Indian Nations Conservation Alliance annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV December 6-10, 2010. Finalists will be awarded several other special prizes presented at the Awards Luncheon & will serve as Ag Ambassadors in 2010/2011. Each finalist is required to read a short introduction and an abstract of their essay at the Awards Luncheon.


 3-6 pages in length

 3-5 sentences about yourself

 Typed

 One-inch margins

 Double spaced

 12-point font

 3-5 sources

2009 Essay Finalists posing with 4-time NFR qualifier, Joey Bell Jr., World Champion Bullfighter, Rob Smets, 2008 & 2009 INFR Announcer of the year, Ray Champ & 6-time INFR World Champion Saddle Bonc Rider, Marty Hebb at the Awards Luncheon photo op.

Judging Criteria:

 Creativity

 Quality of Sources

 Quality of Grammar

 Spelling & Punctuation

 Organization of information

 Length of entry

 Documentation of Sources (3-5 sources required)

 Appropriate information for the topic: solution driven (researched criteria) NOT issue driven information

All entries MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by a separate sheet containing the student’s name, address, telephone number, email (if available), school attending & Tribal affiliation.

Send Essay Submission to:

Native Women & Youth in Ag Phone: 605.964.4342

c/o Vicki Hebb, Executive Director Note: all entries will be used in future

PO Box 217 publications & for PR purposes

Cherry Creek, SD 57622


Entries may be mailed (postmarked 11/05/2010) or emailed (re: NWYIA ESSAY CONTEST)

Native American Jobs (opportunity)

Nation 2 Nation – Native 2 Native

“Native American Jobs” (NAJ) Launches New Job Search Engine at

Native American Jobs today announced the launch of a new job search engine that enables Native American job seekers to find jobs from across the Internet at Native American Jobs envisions a job portal active on each and every Educational Web Site and every Tribal web site.  Creating equal opportunities for Native Americans to look for and obtain employment without boundaries. 
Native American Jobs purpose is providing an online job data bank available to Native American Job Seekers, Native American Tribes, Tribal Organizations and Tribally Owned or Controlled Casino’s. 

More specifically NAJ will provide unlimited job posting FREE of charge to all Educational facilities located within the boundaries of a reservation or whose enrollment is primarily Native American’s.  Any Educational facility outside of the reservation boundaries dully recommended by the Tribal Council will as well receive said services.  Tribal College’s and/or Universities will be granted FREE Access regardless of there locations.  All Educational Institutions will be provided with an HR Assistant Plug-in that is installed directly on their respective web sites.  Allowing them to provide an online application process directly on their own web portal with an administrative backend that captures the data for inter office usage.   As well other tribally operated 501c3 organizations can provide all active job listings on their websites, free of charge.  NAJ has partnered with Native American Owned Businesses and Native American Media companies as there preferred source for job postings.

Native American Jobs was incorporated in 2010, and is 100% Native American Owned and operated.  Native American Jobs has applied for their 501c3 status.  The board of Native American Jobs is comprised of Tribal Members from across the Nation. 

The new job search engine was developed to provide the most comprehensive job search experience online, for both Native American Job Seekers, and Native American Companies looking to hire the most qualified Tribal Members. 

For more information, contact:

Kelvin Lawrence
Native American Jobs
Info @ (take out spaces)

Professional Science Masters Program Fellowship (education)

Dear folks -

I am writing to ask your help in recruiting Native students to the
Professional Science Master's program. We have 6 $25K NSF fellowships
to award, and I am eager to have American Indian applications. The
entering class is this fall, and there is still time to apply. We will
make some fellowship decisions during the next three weeks, but students
should be encouraged to apply during July and August as well. You can
see more about the program at

Please contact me with any questions that might arise. I am grateful
for your help with this.

Thanks so much,


Stephen Mulkey, PhD
Director, Environmental Science Program
University of Idaho
Morrill Hall 216
PO Box 443006
Moscow, ID 83844-3006

Phone: 208.885.6113; cell 208.596.3234; Fax 208.885.4674

Youth Unity Conference (opportunity)

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that we will be hosting our national conference in California this year and hope that we can see your youth represented. This is a wonderful opportunity to have native youth come together and learn, share, and grow. We hope to see you there.  I have attached some information but if you would like more please contact our office or visit our web site at Have a wonderful day!!!!

Christie Factor

Native Arts and Cultures Grant Funds (opportunity)

Mobilizing the Community Through the Arts

There is no question, arts and culture define us as Native peoples and that our communities are most healthy when arts and culture are thriving. For NACF, addressing community vitality begins within this framework.


See criteria and guidelines at left

Grants up to $20,000

Cultural vitality to cultural continuity:
  • The support of arts and culture will realize the continuity of traditional practices, language, and cultural expressions.
  • The understanding and participation in culture, community identity and Native history creates healthy communities and forges strength in a complex world.
  • Informed by tradition and with the integration of non-native worldviews in our communities, our cultural knowledge evolves. Passing the fire from one generation to the next is of vital importance.
  • The arts contribute to community resiliency and help communities find creative solutions to complex problems and to heal from traumatic events.

Criteria & Elgibility

Applicants ….

  • must submit an application and all supplemental materials outlining plans for their work or projects (see requirements in How to Apply and Notes on Application Materials
  • must provide a realistic budget outlining the scope of their work.
  • must demonstrate that they are native administrated, governed and/or provide service to  predominantly Native populations (see eligibility requirements in How to Apply and Notes on Application Materials).
  • must complete the work or project within one year from awarding of the grant.
  • Competitive projects must involve at least two different generations of community members and have a direct benefit to the community addressed.
  • Eligibility:
    • Open to artists (working with a 501c3 non-profit organization), arts organizations, or organizations providing programming in the arts.
    • Demonstration of community or neighborhood support for the project is essential.
    • Tax exempt 501c3 non-profit status or fiscal sponsors are required.
    • Through the arts, projects that connect community members to specified community issues, such as cultural preservation, education, environment, health, poverty, safety, youth, and/or other tribal concerns.
    • Projects that engage residents in active participation. Special consideration will be given to projects that demonstrate strong support from the communities they are working with.