Andre's News Blog

I have started a new blog to provide information pertinent to the American Indian community.  

This blog picks up where my previous listerve (Indigenous News Network) left off.  The blog contains news of interest to Native Americans, Hawaiian Natives & Alaskan Natives. It is a briefing of items that I come across that are of broad interest to American Indians. News and action requests are posted as are the occasional humorous entry. The newsletter is designed to inform you, make you think and keep a pipeline of information that is outside the mainstream media.  I try and post to it as often as my schedule permits I scan a wide range of sources on the net to get a different perspective on Native issues and try not to post stuff that is already posted on multiple sources such as websites or other lists.

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I hope you find the blog helpful as a resource tool that includes information you might not find elsewhere.  Please forward any comments, suggestions or articles to me at:   If you send me things you want posted please include clear contact information so people don’t ask me where to apply, get more info etc.

Thank you for being part of the communication pipeline serving American Indian people.

André Cramblit: is the Operations Director Northern California Indian Development Council NCIDC ( is a non-profit that meets the development needs of American Indians

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