Watch Your Red-skinned Back (racism)

'Watch Your Red-skinned Back'--Racist Notes Surface in California Schools

Notes reading "Watch Your Redskinned Back" and "White Pride Bitch" were
left March 4 in the lockers of two Pit River Tribe students at a Northern
California high school where parents have alleged for months there is
systemic, racially charged abuse of their children.

The notes were reported by parents to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office,
and deputies are investigating whether it constitutes a hate crime.
Believing that the atmosphere at Burney Junior-Senior High School has
become too toxic and dangerous, two Pit River parents have already
transferred their children to the neighboring schools 16 miles away in Fall
River Mills.

Additional Story:

These allegations are being made in a region that is not far removed from

the genocide suffered by Northern California tribes during the Gold Rush
era when Indians were hunted by government funded militias, forced into
slavery under California law and later sent to boarding schools to be
converted to Christianity.

"The cowboys and Indians days have never ended (in Northern California),"
Elmore said.

In the Humboldt complaints, parents alleged staff ignored their concerns of
racist bullying until the Indian students reacted out of frustration,
leading to detentions and suspensions while the bullies were relatively
unpunished. This led to a cycle, the complaints allege, of Native students
regularly being disproportionately suspended and being pushed into
continuation schools, where college preparatory classes are unavailable.