Title VII Program Devastated (education)

FYI... The following email originated from Michael Folsom, Indian Education/Ocean View School District (Huntington Beach Unified School District).  Please review forwarded message, and direct all inquiries regarding this email to Mr. Folsom, (714) 848-0656 ext. 4955, mfolsom@hbuhsd.edu

If you want to participate then, send letters of support to letter to HBUHSD administration about the importance of meeting the cultural needs of Indian children, cogata@hbuhsd.edu,  jhoy@hbuhsd.edu, and dsiembieda@hbuhsd.edu.

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From: Michael Folsom
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 2:05 PM
Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014, 2:05 PM
Subject: Indian Education Devastated

My school district followed suit with Ocean View School District and eliminated all students in Indian Education who are not tribally enrolled.  This devastated my program and I was reassigned to other programs.  I promised students last  year that I would make every effort to take them to cultural activities like the UCI Summer Residential program,  UCR and UCLA programs and AILOTT but now will not be able too.  Would you mind sending a letter to HBUHSD administration about the importance  of meeting the cultural needs of Indian children (cogata@hbuhsd.edujhoy@hbuhsd.edu and dsiembieda@hbuhsd.edu.

I am working with William Mendoza, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Indian/Alaskan Native Education.  He was shocked that two good programs have been taken down.  I am asking  the community to let the board hear know that they do not agree with stopping services. Their address are on the hbuhsd.org website under the board tab. My program went from the high 900’s to 35 under the new criteria.  Please pass on the information to anyone who you would think might speak up against the second coming of the same old  calvary.  

Michael Folsom M.S.

School Psychologist

Indian Education
 OVHS Rm 909