NW California Tribes (information)

OCAL NW CALIFORNIA TRIBES--The Little River is the boarder between the homelands of the Wiyot and Yurok peoples.  The Karuk, Hupa, and Tolowa Tribes also remain on their traditional homelands to this day.  While sharing a similar cultural framework, each of these Tribes has a wholly distinct Tribal language. The Tolowa lived along the extreme northern coast, from the southwestern corner of Oregon to approximately fifteen miles south of Crescent City. The Yurok lived along the coast, from this point south to just below Trinidad Bay, and up the Klamath River, extending about 45 miles and somewhat past the junction with the Trinity River as well as a short distance south along the Trinity. The Wiyot lived south along the coast from Trinidad past Eureka to Ferndale, encompassing Arcata and Humboldt Bays, the lower Mad River, and the lower Eel River. The Karuk lived on the Klamath above Yurok territory further up river to beyond Happy Camp, and along the Salmon River; the Hupa inhabited the Trinity River just before the junction with the Klamath, especially through the long north-south section called Hoopa Valley and south to Grouse Creek. The Tsnugwe people lived along the Trinity River area from Willow Creek through the Burnt Ranch area.  The Chilula and Whilkut were smaller tribes that inhabited warm interior valleys close to Redwood Creek and the Mad River watershed.

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