NCAI Internship (opportunity)

Internship Opportunity Announcement

What: National Congress of American Indians Intern/Fellowships
Who: Undergraduate and graduate Native students
Where: Washington, D.C.
Deadline: April 15, 2012
Duration: Varies
Contact: Katie Jones (,

An internship with NCAI offers a unique opportunity for young leaders
from throughout Indian Country to be on the front lines of legislative
action and policy development from within the oldest, largest, and
most representative organization of tribal governments. In order to
ensure opportunities for participation by the wealth of emerging young
talent in Indian Country, NCAI offers the following options:

Students enrolled in institutions of higher learning are invited to
apply for semester or summer-long internships (for which most
institutions will offer college credit), with one to two applicants
selected for each term;

Applicants with a college degree or equivalent experience are invited
to apply for eleven-month fellowships (for which a stipend and
benefits will be available through the Youth Leadership Endowment),
beginning the first week of September each year, with two to three
applicants selected to serve annually.