Maladjusted (information)

Professor N. Bruce Duthu Dartmouth class of 1980, the Samson Occom Professor of Native American Studies and chair of Native American Studies Program, invoked the words of Martin Luther King in remarks at the annual employee breakfast celebration on January 21, 2013. Professor Duthu reminded the audience that King stated the following at Dartmouth in 1962: Society is “in desperate need of maladjusted men and women.” It is the maladjusted of society who reject racism and injustice. Duthu, an enrolled member of the United Houma Nation of Louisiana, recalled the segregated church of his parish as a child and the visiting priest who tore down the rail that separated the Native American parishioners from the white parishioners. This was the act of a maladjusted man, Duthu said.

Professor Duthu’s wonderful speech has just been added to Dartmouth’s YouTube channel,  watch the video.