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Youth Application - Grad Nation Summit

In 2010, America’s Promise Alliance launched its most ambitious campaign ever– Grad Nation –to end the high school dropout crisis and prepare young people for college and the 21st century workforce. Grad Nation has two goals: 1.) 90 percent graduation rate nationwide by 2020, with no school graduating less than 80 percent of its students. 2.) Regain America’s standing as first in the world in college completion. We need everyone involved – civic and business leaders, elected officials, educators, faith leaders, parents, volunteers, and young people themselves. At this year's Building a Grad Nation Summit, America’s Promise Alliance will facilitate a youth-only session, which will allow young leaders to meet their peers and engage with Grad Nation topics to become part of the drop out crisis discussion. Last year we had passionate, young leaders from across the country join us for this exciting event and this year you could be one of the young leaders who has the chance to join America’s Promise Alliance in Washington, DC for the 2013 Building a Grad Nation Summit! Besides the youth-only session, you will attend events of the Summit as general stakeholders who have an important voice in what happens at the Summit. You will be able to talk to adults from across the country about projects you have done in your community, and share your ideas with these adults for future work in communities to engage youth and your peers. This application is intended for young leaders who have an interest in our mission and who would like to attend the Building a Grad Nation Summit on February 24-26, 2013. Please read the application thoroughly before completing. Application Guidelines: 1. Applications must be received by January 2, 2013. 2. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 3. All decisions related to the Impact Network are the sole discretion of America’s Promise Alliance. 4. Filling out this application is not a guarantee that America’s Promise Alliance will pay for you to attend the Summit. 5. Please email any questions to Cody Ruxton at