Drunk Indians (racism/media)

The CBS Show Mike & Molly made the "joke" that Arizona is full of Drunk Indians. Contact CBS Here: http://www.cbs.com/info/ user_services/ fb_global_form.php

The Navajo Nation is Livid after a joke aired on "Mike & Molly" ... calling Native Americans a bunch of drunks ... and now the group is demanding an apology from CBS.In case you missed it, Mike's mother on the show -- an Archie Bunker type -- says, "Arizona? Why would I move to Arizona? It's nothing but a furnace full of drunk Indians."The joke isn't sitting well in the Native American community. A rep for the Navajo Nation tells TMZ, » http://www.imdb.com/news/ni48231045/

My note to CBS: It is 2013 I cannot believe the show Mike and Molly was allowed or even considered making the joke that Arizona is full of drunk Indians. Would you say that Compton was full of House Negros or that West Virginia full of people committing incest. Wake up and join the 21st Century.


Someone elses letter to CBS:

"Thank you, CBS, for granting your viewers more time with their families by promoting a boycott of Mike & Molly due to the racist comment on your show. "Arizona is a furnace full of drunk Indians." Really? Who approved of such stereotypical, negative promotion of Native people? As we are right now fighting in the House of Representative for the Violence Against Women Act with the Native Provisions attached, CBS is promoting negative stereotypes of our people on national television? What does that say about how you view us as Indigenous people who welcomed, fed, clothed and helped your ancestors to survive on our continent where you enjoy great prosperity today due to us agreeing to give up millions of acres of land and resources. Does your network really think it's appropriate to treat us with disrespect through the promotion of negative stereotypes? Please issue an abject apology and support the VAWA with Native provisions immediately since the sexual objectification of our women is symptomatic of the violence we continue to suffer with 1 of every 3 Native women being raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Shame on CBS! You can do so much better!"