Bring Back The Log Jams (environment)

From the Northern California Native Events & News:

Like so many rivers of the West, the Lower Klamath exhibits a legacy of destructive logging practices and is currently undergoing restoration. What sets this work apart is the lead role held by Native American tribes. 

Besides federal and state agencies, the Yurok Tribe Fisheries Program is the largest fisheries management organization in California. 
For hundreds if not thousands of years, tribes of the Klamath basin have been intrinsically linked to salmon, steelhead and the waterways that breed them. 
Today, commercial harvesting of chinook salmon is an economic driver for the Yuroks, with tribal fishermen pulling in close to $3 million last season — sometimes making around $1,000 a day. 
In order to sustain and improve this resource, the Yurok tribe has acquired and spent millions of dollars in grant funding to restore fisheries in the Lower Klamath. 

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