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Tuesday, 06/25/13, on American Indian Airwaves, 8pm to 9pm

    "Part 2 of Indigenous Pedagogies & Charter School under Assault &

The Militarization of Indian Country"

Part 1:__________________________________________________

Marcos Aguilar, Executive Director of Academia Semillas del Pueblo (, discusses, in this two-part interview, the challenges to operating a charter school based on Indigenous practices and methodologies, the resistance to non-indigenous individual and institutional challenges calling for the schools closure, and what does Indigenous urban in Los Angeles mean. Last week, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Directors denied school’s charter for the high school component. Turn in for further updates. 

Part 2:__________________________________________________

Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabekwe of the Mississippi Band),, activist, scholar, orator, founding director of the White Earth Land Recovery Project (, helped found Honor the Earth (, and author of The Militarization of Indian Country, Last Standing Woman, All Our Relations, In the Sagebrush, and The Winona LaDuke Reader, joins us to discuss the militarization of “Indian Country” as it pertains to “The People,” land, the economy and the future. Today’s broadcast is the entire interview. Two weeks ago, only a very small segment was broadcasted due to fund raising purposes.

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