Native female college freshman (opportunity/education)

Scholastic’s Scope Magazine is looking for Native female college freshman (or close to that year) to interview for an educational magazine for middle/high school students nationally. The interview will focus on how Native females from reservations or culturally rooted backgrounds are able to leave home and be successful in college. For more information please see email below.

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 I'm writing an article for Scholastic's Scope magazine (an educational magazine that goes to middle school and high school classrooms across the country). I'm looking to interview a young Native American woman who grew up on a reservation and is now a freshman in college (or near that age). We want to help teen readers understand what it feels like to straddle those two worlds. I'm looking for someone thoughtful, insightful, articulate, open and hopeful--someone who can perhaps talk about cultural challenges that she's had to overcome. 

One important note is that I'd need to interview the girl over the phone and write the piece by the end of this week, so it's very urgent. Any chance you know a girl who might be a good fit? If so, I'd love to hear from you right away.

If you'd like to see any of the work I've done for Scholastic classroom magazines in the past, feel free to check out my portfolio at:  



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Thanks so much for this post, Andre. I have it to Shanice Britton in Covelo and Scholastic has decided to include her in the Scope magazine. Her family is very proud and happy for this opportunity. Her mother is a teacher at the school and will now use the issue in her class every year. The focus is on debunking stereotypes.
Andre, Thanks for sharing this. I gave this to Shanice Britton, a freshman at U.C. Davis and 2014 graduate from Round Valley High School and Scholastic is going to include her in their story. The family is excited and Scholastic is going to come to Covelo to take pictures. This is a good thing for RVHS and the community. Thanks again, Cheryl