Native America Calling Schedule September 1 (media)

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Monday, September 1, 2014 – **Pre-Recorded** Songs to Make You Smile

What kind of music brings a smile across your face? Is it a country or rock tune? What about round dance music or the soulful Louisiana Cajun sound? This Labor Day we are closing down the phone lines to bring you some of Native America’s sounds from many of the musicians you love. We’ve put together memorable songs make you smile while you enjoy your day of rest and relaxation. Who’s on your top list of songs that brighten your day? Do you turn to Native musicians to help ease you into or out of your day? Is there a song you like to listen to over and over?

Break Music:John Wayne’s Teeth (song) Eagle Bear Singers (artist) Smoke Signals: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture (album)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014— Current Events

It's time for another roundup of events taking place this month in Native America! Join us as we learn about events like theFatherhood Is Sacred & Motherhood Is Sacred Facilitator Training, an "Our food is Our Medicine" conference, the Comanche Nation Fair and the Yanaguana Indian Arts Market. You are also invited to call in and share details about events and gatherings taking place during September in your community.

Break Music: Shake it Down (song) Gary Farmer (artist)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - Bigfoot Country

Native Americas saw Bigfoot first. The Choctaw call this mysterious creature "Shampe," the Chinook call it "Skookum," the Salish call it "Sasquatch" and the Navajo call it "Yé' iitsoh." Some tribes even have stories that are passed down from generation to generation about these big, hairy creatures that live in the wilderness. Bigfoot is an evil being, a friend, a guardian or a supernatural being one shouldn't be worried about. What does your tribe call Bigfoot? Does this mysterious creature play a role in your culture and folklore? Have you seen Bigfoot? And what about little people? Guests include Matt Moneymaker from the show "Finding Bigfoot" and eyewitnesses Rose James (Sokokomish) and Natalie Murphy (Navajo).

Break Music: Metropolis (Mix) Tribe Called Red (artist)

Thursday, September 4, 2014– Preparing Food for Winter

Now is the time to gather your fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare them to last through the winter. Do you can or preserve things from your garden to feed your family during cold months? Do you smoke salmon or dry meat to stock your pantry? Join us as we discuss the best tips and techniques for canning, preserving and drying foods. We also want to hear how you learned these skills. Were they passed down through your family? Are you reviving food preservation traditions in your community?

Break Music: Nadjiwan (single) Broken Treaty Blues (artist)

Friday, September 5, 2014– Coming of Age in Native America 

Coming of age is an important milestone. For many Native American tribes, it is acknowledged with a ceremony. These ceremonies are unique and some may include endurance tests, days of song and dance, special foods or tough tasks to prove these kids are ready to become adults in their community. Coming of age ceremonies are an important turning point in a young Native American's life where childhood play time is replaced by responsibility and visions of the future. Have you had a coming of age or puberty ceremony? What happens when we don't have these ceremonies? Does your tribe still carry on these traditions? Guests include Dr. Lloyd Lee (Navajo), Dr. Carol Markstrom and Veronica Tiller (Apache).

Break Music: Shades of Red Part 3 (song) Dawn Avery (artist) Shades of Red (album)